Actions Marges
The French margins project


Bonjour à tous

Voici le planning des futurs workshops qui se dérouleront à Total d'ici la fin de l'année.
Tous les workshops sont ouverts à tous mais les intéressés doivent se mettre en relation avec les responsables de thème ou chantier.

Thème Systèmes sédimentaires et Thème Fluides : 25, 26 et 27 Juin
Atelier Afars - Aden : 2-3 Juillet
Thème Marges transformantes et obliques 17 et 18 Septembre
Atelier chantier Méditerranée et Thème Mouvements verticaux : 19-20 et 21 Novembre

Cécile Robin (pour le Bureau)


The "Actions Marges" promotes research activities and collaborations between researchers working on rifted margins within the French community. Two major scientific questions guide the research of the program:
1) How do tectonic, magmatic and hydrothermal processes interact during continental rifting and breakup and how are they recorded in the syn-to post-rift sedimentary record of rifted margins
2) How and when do sediments form, how do they travel and how, when and where are they finally deposited (source to think) within rifted margins

Finding answers to these questions is critical in order to understand, interpret and predict geological processes that are of societal, economic and scientific importance such as distribution of mineral and hydrocarbon resources, earthquakes and predictions of climate and environmental changes.

In order to successfully answer to these questions and to develop ambitious research projects and foster collaborations between the French research groups, the "Actions Marges" focus their research initiative into two sites (western Mediterranean and Aden-Afar) and four "themes" (see below)